Dust Up Baby

New review from September/October Blues Revue magazine:

Jason Fickel puts a fresh spin on traditional motifs, building a breakup song on the request to "Get Your Car Off My Lawn." Often, though, his sound is more Beatles than blues. Demonstrating Fickel's scope are the two instrumentals: a twelve-bar blues, "J's Jam" and "Karma Chameleon," the Culture Club tune. Closer to the roots, "One Thousand And One" has a languid, jazzy four-to-the-bar feel, and the shuffle "My Girlfriend Is Gonna Sing (A Couple Songs Tonight)" humorously addresses every local band's nightmare ("We're gonna do one that she wrote/And then a Mariah, note for note...She might join the band and sing a couple songs every night"). The arrangements leave a lot of space, even with a trombone and harmonica in the band, giving Dust Up Baby a fresh, open sound.


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