Dust Up Baby
Lost Canyon LCD09-1

Kerosene Cologne

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"Get Your Car Off My Lawn" from Dust Up Baby appears on NPR's Car Talk, January 2011. You can hear it online here: the tune comes up at about 5:25 minutes into this segment, towards the end. Thanks, Tom and Ray!

"Jason Fickel puts a fresh spin on traditional motifs, building a breakup song on the request to "Get Your Car Off My Lawn." Often, though, his sound is more Beatles than blues. Demonstrating Fickel's scope are the two instrumentals: a twelve-bar blues, "J's Jam" and "Karma Chameleon," the Culture Club tune. Closer to the roots, "One Thousand And One" has a languid, jazzy four-to-the-bar feel, and the shuffle "My Girlfriend Is Gonna Sing (A Couple Songs Tonight)" humorously addresses every local band's nightmare ("We're gonna do one that she wrote/And then a Mariah, note for note...She might join the band and sing a couple songs every night"). The arrangements leave a lot of space, even with a trombone and harmonica in the band, giving Dust Up Baby a fresh, open sound."

--Blues Revue, September/October 2010

Fickel toyed with spiffy rims and a co-pilot on his last record, but pined for a shabby Buick. He made it happen. On 'Dust Up Baby', he pimps his ride and cruises a gravel road of alternative blues.

This three-legged raconteur doesn't hype the thrill of the romantic chase; he groans about the futility of it all. Fickel tempers his bark ("Get Your Car Off My Lawn") and howl ("All Busted Up About You") with tenderness ("Dust Up Baby") and lambent wit ("Grave Of Kit Carson," "You Get What You Pay For"). "Don't Forget The Milk And Bread" and "My Girlfriend Is Gonna Sing (A Couple Songs Tonight)" ooze droll humor.

In the former, a six-minute redneck melodrama, Fickel natters mumbo jumbo over a jerky rhythm. The smoky torch song "One Thousand And One" approaches obsession: Fickel can't get that damn number off his mind... more

--Play it Out, Thoughts on Music by Damien DeSimone


Kerosene Cologne
Lost Canyon LCD05-1

Kerosene Cologne

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News flash: Kerosene Cologne's "If I Still Had a Buick" featured on NPR's Car Talk
"Your CD is FAB-U-LOUS...and i do NOT use the f word lightly...I looove 'come find me sleeping' and 'most of all'" - Jacques "thehaitianfirefly" Fleury
"Blues to the bone...The album showcases to superb effect Fickel's slide and electric guitar playing, acoustic finger-picking, and soft heartfelt vocals..."I Know the Saints," "Come Find Me Sleeping," and "Can't Live No Place" take the listener somewhere else,  maybe to a land alive with swamps and creatures and spirits yet unmet...It's difficult to avoid a personal connection to his music..."
-- Somerville (Mass.) Times
"Jason Fickel learned his craft while playing and traveling with several blues masters down south. They seem to have taught him a thing or two. The offspring of his knack for blending straight-ahead blues with folk and an upbeat sound, is his newest release Kerosene Cologne. This is pure Americana..." more - HalfSquare.net

Rio Rancho Drive
(Tie 2002.01)

 Rio Rancho Drive Cover

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"Fresh, funny, sly and sympathetic, the songs on Rio Rancho Drive capture what matters in the moment, in what is small and what is large in the days as we pass through them, making those days matter more to us. A great CD."
- Andrew Miller, WFHB - Radio
"Fickel's songs straddle the line between blues storytelling and crafty country picking. His songs are tender, poignant and occasionally melancholy and even humorous, as on the wistful "Hey Estelle," which laments the passage of youth and its attendant adventures with a keen eye and graceful resignation. Fickel's voice is a mellifluous instrument, lilting and clear."
 - David Coonce, Bloomington Herald Times

True, Kansas
(Tie 9701-CD)

True, Kansas CD cover

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"Find a true slice of Americana through twelve songs that reflect America like a faded road atlas in a rearview mirror"
 - Marcos Sueiro, producer
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