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Live in concert: The Jason Fickel Band featuring Ginger Curry

"My Girlfriend Is Gonna Sing (A Couple Songs Tonight)"

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Dust Up Baby:

"Get Your Car Off My Lawn" appears on NPR's Car Talk! listen here

Blues Revue says:
"Jason Fickel puts a fresh spin on traditional Dust Up Baby a fresh, open sound..." more>>

"On Dust Up Baby, he pimps his ride and cruises a gravel road of alternative blues..." more>>

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"Jason Fickel was born in Kansas and raised in western Colorado.  Bitten by the blues as a teenager, he headed south to Mississippi where he..." more>>

"Jason Fickel is the hillbilly Elvis Costello wearing Donovan’s boxers.” - Nicholas Markos, Jordan more>>

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New single with Ginger Curry available on iTunes

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