Somethin' Gotta Be Arranged - A film portrait of Paul Geremia by Geoff Adams

This year marks the 35th anniversary of "Somethin' Gotta Be Arranged," a film about Rhode Island country-blues guitarist Paul Geremia, created as a student project by Geoff Adams.

I recently interviewed Geoff about the film and it was the featured segment of the November 12, 2018, edition of Blue Monday, WFHB's long-running blues radio show. (Here is the film on YouTube:   ~18 minutes -- More links below.)

Before the interview, I played two brief audio clips from the film.  In the first segment, Paul talks about how he got started playing guitar: Somethin' Gotta Be Arranged Clip1  (40 seconds).  In the second segment, we hear Paul talking to Blind John Davis who discusses whether or not white people can have the blues, plus we get to here them play together: Somethin' Gotta Be Arranged Clip 2. (68 seconds).

Here is the broadcast interview with Geoff: Geoff Adams Broadcast Interview (~19 minutes).  For more background on Geoff's career, his music-making, and the Rhode Island music scene of the 1980s and early 1990s, listen to this lightly-edited extended version:  Geoff Adams Extended Interview  (~38 minutes).

Also, as part of the broadcast, I played a couple Paul Geremia songs, tunes by John Lee "Sonny Boy" Williamson and Memphis Minnie that feature Blind John Davis on piano, a kickin' Davis boogie-woogie instrumental, and a piece by New Orleans drummer Shannon Powell, whom Geoff mentions near the end of the interview: 





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