Jason Fickel was born in Kansas and raised in western Colorado.  Bitten by the blues as a teenager, he headed South to Mississippi where he apprenticed with bluesmen James “Son” Thomas and Othar Turner, learning blues guitar and the blues trade from the masters, traveling with them to performances throughout the South.  Within two years, he was playing professionally, opening shows for the subdudes and John Hammond. Next Fickel headed north, first to Rhode Island, where he played coffeehouses and biker bars, and then on to Chicago, where he honed his songwriting craft. Now based in Indiana, Fickel continues to tour, write, and record original music. 
Drawing of Jason Fickel

"He blows my socks off. Imagine Piedmont blues filtered through the eyes and ears of a thoroughly modern songwriter. That's what this guy brings to the table. And what a picker! "
- Kit Malone, Fractured Folk Showcase

"Fickel's brand of folk blues is a must hear. He's a very talented singer-songwriter as well as a fantastic guitarist and he really can pick!"  - Zorba Rose, The Hillbilly Happy Hour

"Jason Fickel is the hillbilly Elvis Costello wearing Donovan’s boxers.” - Nicholas Markos, Jordan

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